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New Podcast Release

July 26 @ July 26

Come and join us every two weeks for our Podcast release days. Your host for the Podcast is Katie Oskin from Scattered Seeds Still Bloom and her co-host is Jen Cario. Guests join us from time to time to add perspective to our show. Our Podcasts can be heard on all major listening platforms, or you can listen to them right here on the site. Every other week, we will bring you compelling topics about Christian living, theology, and church life. Our hope is that by listening, we can engage your heart, mind, body, and soul to center yourself in Christ once again.

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Letting Go vs. Giving Up: Which One is God Calling You Toward – Scattered Seeds Still Bloom Scattered Seeds Still Bloom

In today's episode, Katie & Jen discuss two differing views on the Biblical concepts of Letting Go and Giving Up. In what is become a more normal thing, Katie & Jen have differing views – this means there's so much more for you to learn! Packed with referrences to today, the Bible, our Bible characters, and scripture galore, see who's view fits you and your personality the best. Which viewpoint on "Letting Go and Giving Up" fits you the best. This episode (in many ways) is a follow-up to the previous episode on Self-Control.Come and join us in our Podcast Group to discuss this idea further:https://scatteredseedsstillbloom.com/groups/podcast-chat-group/Come and join us at our website https://scatteredseedsstillbloom.com where you can gather, heal, learn, & grow with us. Join our FREE Christian membership with community forums, read the blog, and shop on the site.Send us an email at podcast@scatteredseedsstillbloom.com to give us feedback, inquire to be a guest on our show, or more. We'd love to hear from you.
  1. Letting Go vs. Giving Up: Which One is God Calling You Toward – Scattered Seeds Still Bloom
  2. Fruit of the Spirit of Self-Control – Scattered Seeds Still Bloom
  3. Vacation Bible School: Why You & Your Child Should Participate This Year
  4. Biblical Modesty: It Isn't What You Think It Is – Scattered Seeds Still Bloom
  5. God is Not a Vending Machine – Scattered Seeds Still Bloom
  6. What the Protestant Church Got Wrong About Confession – Scattered Seeds Still Bloom
  7. Christians & Fasting: Anyone Can Do It and Why You Might – Scattered Seeds Still Bloom

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