Our Mission

We are a Christian community, offering a place where believers of Jesus as Lord and Savior can unite daily, weekly, & monthly. We are saved & redeemed people who wish to grow in Christ-likeness and reach others by planting seeds throughout our community and the world. We aim to offer a place where people can gather, to heal from their wounds of the church, the world, and within themselves. We do this through teaching the word of God through our Podcasts and groups where others can learn about Jesus and grow in their personal walks of discipleship. Our goal is to unite Christians, or those who are seeking, in an environment where they feel safe to be the true authentic self that Christ called them to be.

Our Foundation

The Scattered Seeds Still Bloom Foundation resolves to financially help bless people in the times of their darkest hours, where only hope, mercy, and a miracle can prevail. We will reach first in the USA and her missionaries, and then abroad in 4 ways: where they gather, where they need healing, where they learn, and how they can grow in Jesus.

Foundation Opens in 2024...

Our Team

Meet the people who are called to service in spreading the Gospel of Jesus here at Scattered Seeds Still Bloom, LLC.

Rev. Katie Oskin

Podcaster, Writer, etc.

Rev. Luke Oskin

Devotions, Youtube, etc.

Jen Cario

Podcaster, Thinktank

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