Terms of Service

Common courtesy and respect are required online here at Scattered Seeds Still Bloom. By your use of this site and all its contents (including but not limited to free browsing, paid membership access, and online merchandise access), you agree to be courteous and respectful to the Scattered Seeds Still Bloom owner, operators, moderators, volunteers, and all participants online and in the groups.


We have only three rules: kindness, love, & respect. Do your actions and/or words reflect kindness? Do your actions and/or words reflect love? Do your actions and/or words reflect respect?

Two Violation Policy

Failure to comply in the kindness, love, & respect policy will result in a “second-chance” action rule. The action at the first chance violation is a written warning with an explanation from the Scattered Seeds Still Bloom owner &/or group organizer to cease violating activity immediately. The Scattered Seeds Still Bloom owner will take action upon the second chance violation will result in a second explanation of your observed unnecessary conduct/behavior with removal from the offending group &/or site. Failure to comply with our terms of service will result in your membership termination and Scattered Seeds Still Bloom. Further non-cooperation after your termination may result in legal action by Scattered Seeds Still Bloom. There is no expiration on the violation record. Therefore, you are required to abide by the above.  There are no exceptions to this policy. 

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