More like John the Baptist or Jesus?

Are you a Christian like John the Baptist or Jesus? I recently read an article about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (a very good read, mind you). But the end of the article is what caught my attention. It asks what kind of Christians we are. Are we Christians like John the Baptist, whose beliefs were correct but seen as so unacceptable (and thereby him too) that he withdrew from society altogether? Or are you a Christian like Jesus, who, when coming across the thorny issues that life inevitably throws at you, can carry the conversation and is okay with standing out (often alone) on your own? 

In all honesty, I had never looked at my faith walk in these terms: by comparing my faith walk to that of John to Jesus. How we talk with non-beleivers, act in public, carry ourselves, & wear the mantle of Christ in today’s world isn’t any easier now than it was in Jesus’ time. Sure some of the issues may seem larger, more riled in politics, or more concerning to what we deem as ‘spiritual correctness’ (or what some may call righteousness) but the problems are strikingly similar. So it begs the question: how do you carry yourself and is there a right or a wrong way?

Each of us who are saved and call ourselves Christians carries ourselves a certain way. Much of that comes down to your fundamental core beliefs. Those beliefs may be from family, denominational ties and belief systems, or your faith and devotion to Christ. When we have formed our foundational and core beliefs throughout much of our lives, it takes a lot to change them. One blog post, article, politician, superstar, or Christian movie isn’t likely to change a fundamental core belief. 

But what about the day-to-day issues that no one in the present day can seem to agree on? Everyone has an opinion, a side, a reason, and an answer for what they believe. Is there a right or a wrong way? Should we be like John the Baptist, venturing out only for repentance’s sake, not delving into the argument but still proclaiming Jesus and perhaps even a baptism of repentance theology? Or should we be like Jesus, coming in to listen, teach, (prayerfully) respect, and give answers to our present-day problems? Is one way better than another, or does it take both?

We would do better to listen to one another. Could you stop the arguing and heavy persuasion tactics? A side of the line is only right or wrong in God’s eyes. Our eyes are flawed and imperfect. [“All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Rom 3:23] We can only see with human eyes. We can never see the full picture as only God can. Only God, and God alone has the right to bring down judgment upon a given situation. You can say it is a sin or sinful based on scripture, but the judgment of a person or their beliefs should never happen [Matt 7:1-6]. The Bible is clear on this point over and over again, even from Jesus’ own mouth, and yet we still do it. 

So when you are in the world and when you interact with it. Do you live your life like John and hide away, not pressing the issues or the problems of the day and simply calling people back to Jesus? Or are you more like Jesus? Tackling issues head-on, using scripture to back your claims, and calling people to the truth of His Word, never shying from a situation? I am somewhere in the middle, hedging more toward John. I’m not too fond of arguments, and I shy away from them. I want people to get along, love one another, and follow God’s Word. But when possible, I send my husband into the fray; he’s much more like Jesus than John. 

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